Sathya Sai Speaks

When swami lived in Uravakonda, he declared himself as god. He was 14 at that point of time. After declaring himself god, he came back and composed the song “ Manasa Bhajore guru charanam”. This means Feet of the guru, the guru that was announcing himself, who had come again for taking upon himself the durdan”. Swami wants us to understand that materialist things don’t last and we should always have god in our minds. In the first 16 years of Swami is here on earth to teach us or lead us on the right path, shatya ,dharma,shanthi and prema. There are four types of people, the dead that deny god, the sick that call for god when in need. God is the watchman and the one who only remembers it when in great troubles. Swami teaches us that us that everything the world has a purpose. All of us need to reach god some ting, it’s the choice between are you going to choose the long route or the short route.
Swami wants all of us to be happy that gives him happiness. He wants us to listen to our hearts and do the right thing always. Follow the rules of daily life; they are there to protect you from doing wrong things. In the life of people need to reach the higher world, the one way of reaching it is by struggle. It doesn’t matter who you believe in. All the gods are the same.   If swami pays more attention that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have love for you. Swami is like Rama and Krishna. Some people who do not believe in god might thing a person who is really devoted might be crazy. But to a devotee the world appears to be wild and insane. Brotherhood and love have come of the “God-madness of man!
Swami wants us to remove the egoistic qualities. To succeed in the progress to attain god, we need to Swami Life. Doing things very quickly can lead to distastes and a more change of messing up, which is the longer way to attain bless. The slower path is better because there are a lot less obstacles and you always have god in mind. This would eventually be that short cut...