Santa Ana

Kasandria Andrade
September 16, 2013
AP Lang – D Period
The 9/11 Tragedy
On September 11, 2001, a tragic event occurred in New York City. Planes were hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center. Bystanders stood in sadness and awe as they watched the twin towers burn and collapse. This tragedy not only effected New Yorkers, but also swept the entire nation. The rest of America felt this pain and understood this hardship. In the short story by Andrea Barrett, “A Hole in the Wall”, there is an extreme closeness to the 9/11 event with the emotion of a New Yorker who witnessed the calamity; Barrett’s story contrasts greatly to Adam Goodheart’s “9.11.01: The Skyscraper and the Airplane”, which has almost no emotion or tie to the event, but gives a lot of information about 9/11 and uses some metaphors and imagery throughout the story.
In Barrett’s story, “A Hole in the Wall”, there were a lot of feelings and emotions coming from a woman who recently moved into the city. Before the 9/11 attack, her new home didn’t feel like somewhere she belonged or even wanted to be. In the third paragraph, Barrett wrote “Our first four weeks in Brooklyn were preposterous, ridiculous, a cosmic joke”. She was referring to her new living conditions; however, as time went on, the conditions progressed and became manageable. Though, she still didn’t feel like she was truly part of this new city. Then, during the attack on the WTC, something emotional happened within Barrett as she saw her new home being attacked and corrupted. After this experience she had gone through, she knew there was no turning back. In paragraph 30, Barrett wrote, “Everything that fell into that hole, and everyone still living their lives around it, is what keeps me here and what makes me feel like I can’t bear to leave”. In that quote, the author refers to the empty space where the Twin Towers used to stand as hole. She also shows how attached she’s become to her city and her new home after 9/11.