Sandwich Master Mapping

Internal Control and Accounting Systems – Report requirements

Your report will need to be between 3500 and 4000 words, excluding appendices.   It must be in the third person narrative, be professional in appearance and content with no misspellings, and correct sentence and paragraph construction.   It should have a title page which should include a suitable title in large, bold font, with your name and AAT registration number in normal text at the bottom of the page.   The report should be separated out into the following sections:
1. Terms of reference
2. Executive summary
3. Methodology
4. Introduction
5. Analysis of accounting system
6. Evaluation of weaknesses
7. Recommendations
8. Cost benefit analysis
9. Appendices
Each section should start on a separate page, with the section title and section number in large, bold font, at the top of the section start page.   The report should be typed using either Arial or Calibri font size 12 and there should be a line space between each paragraph.   Each paragraph within each section should be numbered as per the numbering system identified on the report content information on the next few pages.   All pages should also be numbered.

Within the report you will be expected to:
• Provide an overview of the organisation your report is based on – identifying the important external relationships it holds.   This may include – but is not restricted to – any of the following: customers, suppliers, shareholders, banks, trade organisations, government departments/organisations – depending on the type of organisation that is being reviewed.
• Identify the relationship between other internal departments and the accounting function and clearly define the structure, purpose and organisation of the accounting function within the overall organisation.  
• Explain why financial reports are produced.
• Identify what the organisation requires from its accounting systems, including suitable software systems.
• Review...