Sample Speech

Celebrating a Synergy of Growth and Resilience

When we celebrate anniversaries, we pay tribute to an institution’s resilience, its capability to stand up and survive history’s challenge. These are tests that the QUEDANCOR has gloriously passed through 28 years of performing its tasks and mandates.

Indeed you have all the reasons to be proud. From humble beginnings as Quedan Guarantee Fund Board in 1978, you have grown and expanded, keeping with the challenges and demands of the times.

Having just commemorated   our own 19th anniversary last April 2, we in the ACPC share Quedancor’s sense of joyful celebration and thanksgiving for   the   strength, wisdom and fortitude we have received to surmount our own   gauntlet of   tests and challenges.  
Mutually Reinforcing Partnership

Let me also take this opportunity to thank Quedancor for all the support.   Indeed, as proud members of the DA family, the ACPC and the Quedancor have been sharing a mutually reinforcing relationship, with the ACPC acting as “big sister,” providing the policies, the loans and the monitoring, and Quedancor as “dear brother,”     implementing the loan and guarantee programs that deal directly with our farmers and fisherfolk.

It is in this spirit of sharing and family that the ACPC welcomes your choice of theme this year, which underscores the need for synergy between   government and the private sector in order to achieve sustainable growth. It is this same synergy that should fuel and strengthen working relationships among government agencies. I’m thankful that the ACPC-Quedancor team-up and the cooperation among all government agencies involved in rural credit are brimming with this synergy.

For at this very exciting juncture of our nation’s history, the key to national survival is the unity and determination of all sectors of our society to overcome challenges and seek genuine reforms and renewal, a process that we in the rural financing sector have long initiated and...