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Article Keyword: Chat city.
Title:   Chat rooms and their pros and cons
Brief Description: chat rooms are an easy way of communication, interaction and socialization with several individuals at the same time. However, they carry their own pros and cons.
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Primary Keyword: Chat city
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Online chatting is a trendy, real time approach of internet communication used to commence, establish and sustain online relationships.   one can communicate with a whole lot of people. Users log on to a theme based virtual room and communicate to several people, only known by their profile or registered screen name. By sending the typed message to the room, all connected users can read that message at the same time and can easily respond like a one big get together. Basically, chat city has provided an easy and fast way of communication in the present time.

In today’s world, online chats have revolutionized the entire aspect of communication between individuals. It has also provided a platform for them to interact with several new people. With the help of online chat rooms, individuals can stay connected with their friends and family who are living far away from them. More importantly, the biggest advantage of chat rooms is having the facility of using any pseudonyms. With this feature, people can keep their identities a secret as long as they do not feel comfortable with the individual they are interacting with. As far as the people who are depressed and forlorn are concerned, online chat rooms are perfect place for them. They can easily find numerous people ready to be friends with them.

People who chat online interact and also socialize with the individuals they are chatting with. Through this, they can easily get connected to the other person, and this online interaction of individuals has also prompted online...