Sales Proposal

As a salesperson, in order to plan my sales, I think there is but not limited to four steps that I would take to plan my sales.

Firstly, I would briefly and clearly define what we products or services we offer and what I am willing to accomplish with my business in the future. TFI is the chief and trustworthy manufacturer and distributor of drilling rig packages and drilling equipment in US, profitable growth through innovation, customer oriented sales and commitment. Formed in 2001 in Texas, TFI has constantly manufactured drilling rig packages and components of drilling equipment for thirteen years. Our service locations include but not limited to U.S., Canada, Colombia, Nigeria, China, etc. Consistently innovation makes our Corp unique and apart from competition, the major goal is to develop new markets and multiply sales.

Furthermore, I would research the target customer and market. There are five major target customer based on my surface research: drilling managers; strategic planners; marketing professionals; financial institutions; oil Extractions. TFI provide not only rig equipment but also drilling services to meet multivariate inquiries of customers.

After clearly defined what my business and target customers are, I would build effective and efficient sales strategies to accomplish my sales goals.
 In the beginning I would use existing data to figure out contact method of my target customer and where they located. In Houston there are approximately 2349 oil-drilling companies in Houston based on yellowpage. Check link:
 Also, I would spend time with the competition’s products to compare pricing, features and services. Based on the statistics I gain from analysis I would understand what marketing tactics I can use to get best results.
 When reaching out to customer through phone or meeting, I would take notes of their inquiries and what they would like to see improved. If...