Salem Witch Trials

The Witch Debacle of 1692
Over 300 years ago there were many unknowns, and unexplainable situations and events that occurred throughout the world. Scientists and philosophers had not yet figured out many occurrences in the world that did not appear “normal”; this is what I believe the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 to 1693 stemmed from. The Salem Witch Trials were a series of trials that look place in New England, more specifically in Massachusetts. On trial were people, mostly women, which were being accused of “witchcraft”. All 26 people who were sent to trial were found guilty and convicted of their crime. I believe what caused this whole fiasco, was the ideas of religion, believing in the presence Satan, and also not understanding natural phenomena. Anytime there was a situation that seamed somewhat freakish or was unexplainable, the blame would then be put on a possible witchcraft plot. This was an era of misguided speculation and superstition.
The Salem Witch Trials epidemic all started in Essex county of Massachusetts, when two girls under the age of 11 and one women 39 years of age starting to throw fits and act very strangely. After visiting three different doctors it was said, “they were in the hands of evil.” Docs(10,11,91) After this was made public the county found itself in the middle of a Witch craze. Soon citizens with personal antagonisms that had gone on between neighbors accused one of witchcraft. Docs(22,24,25,49,60) In a scenario, an exchange of goods between neighbor A and neighbor B went awry; neighbor A felt aggrieved and became angry. In the weeks, months, or even years that followed, neighbor B’s family suffered a series of misfortunes and became convinced that neighbor A was talking revenge by using occult forces against them. Docs(46, 50) From what I understand from these documents when a you had a feud on your hands, and for lack of better words it ends poorly for someone they would they accuse the other of witchcraft because at this...