Saint Paul

Analyse the importance of TWO schools of thought or an individual from TWO religious traditions in the peroid of early foundation in relation to:
• Extent and significance
• Continuing impact today

Khalafa Rashideen and Paul are two schools of thought from the early foundation period. Khalafa Rashideen or otherwise known as the ‘Four Rightly Guided Caliphs’ have expanded and preserved the religion of Islam under their leadership. Paul’s teachings in Christianity have also been most significant as he challenged the religion and played a crucial role in establishing the Churches and developing Christian communities.
After Muhammad’s death in 632CE Abu Bakr was elected as his first successor. He was the father of the Prophet’s third wife Aisha and one of his earliest followers as he accompanied Muhammad through Hirja. Abu was partially responsible for the expansion of Islam however his greatest achievement was in reinforcing the Zakat as he made sure that the people of Islam knew that there should be no distinction between the practice of Islam before and after the Prophet’s death. This has a huge continuing impact today as Muslims around the world still practice Zakat today and therefore the five pillars still exist. Abu also arranged for the collection of Muhammad’s sayings along with Umar, which helped preserve the religion.
Abu was quite elderly when he became a caliph therefore his ruling was short and the next caliph elected after his death was Umar Ibu Al-Khattab in 634CE. Umar was the father of Muhammad’s fourth wife. He was a great military leader and therefore through his conquest he was able to expand Islam through Syria, Northern Africa, Israel, Egypt and Iraq. This has therefore still has a continuing impact today and Islam is one of the largest religions in the world. He was known as the “judger of the truth and falsehood” and under his ruling a significant number of political and religious situations began, such as a form of a welfare state,...