Saint Christopher

Christopher Couto                 July 21, 2012

  Saint Christopher – Catholic Patron Saint of Travel Safety

Although this saint isn’t mentioned in the Bible, I’m still going with Saint Christopher. I chose Saint Christopher because of his size and strength and to pleas Christ by assisting people to cross a dangerous river, where they were perishing in the attempt. Christopher also carried a little child to the other side of the river but things don’t go well as the child becomes so heavy that the Saint found himself in danger. Saint Christopher was widely popular, and one of the most associated legends of all time.

The one-time Catholic patron saint of travelers, Saint Christopher, means “Christ Carrier”. While there may have been a 3rd century Greek martyr named Christopher, the story told of him is now generally acknowledged to be a 12th century addition to the Christian rule. Saint Christopher was a tall, middle-aged, bearded man with a walking stick who wades across a river carrying a Christ child on his shoulders. As the story goes on, the extremely strong Christopher devoted his life to carrying people across a forbidden stream.

Then, a little child asked Saint Christopher to be carried across the river. To Christopher’s surprise, as he crossed the river, the child somehow weighed so much, that Christopher could barely carry him. When he finally reached the other side of the stream, the child told Saint Christopher that he carried the world’s sins upon his shoulders. As a reward for his service, Christopher’s walking stick was miraculously transformed into a living tree, and he himself became the Patron Saint of Travel Safety.

Saint Christopher’s feast day was July 25th, except in Greece,
where it was celebrated on March 9th. Saint Christopher medals and holy cards are more difficult to find now that his status has been downgraded to that of a mere legend, but they are still being manufactured. Many Mexicans and Italian Catholics still...