Safety Principles and Practice

Safety Principles and Practice II
Assignment 2

Question 1
1.1 List and explain the stages of planned task observation.
Appropriate planning can make the difference in hit or miss of a PTO program. It can be sorted under the following,
Which tasks to observe, more critical or frequent jobs needs to be observed more often and in dept.
Deciding who to observe, although in time all employees should be observed, due to time allocation attention can be given to the following,
Employees new to the job
Poor performers
Risk takers
Workers with ability problems etc.
Scheduling planned Observation, to ensure all required planning is in place to ensure an effective observation.
Ensure minimum disruption on the employee or work process. Minimize distractions to both the observer and the employee observed. Be alert to little things that might be improve and have a big impact.
Give the employee direct immediate feedback to ensure positive acceptance of the program. Give positive feedback and not just negative criticism.
Ensure that all observations is recorded in order to facilitate feedback, statistics, training programs etc.

Question 2
2.1 Discuss the audit method and procedures briefly.
Following the necessary preliminary actions before and audit, the main parts of the audit is listed as follows:
This is used to collect data and information in order to meet the audits aims. The interviewee should be made aware of the intent of the audit. The interview should be done at the work place in a sufficient location that will ensure confidentiality and minimize distractions.
Sampling of the workplaces and activities:
This is the process of collecting certain data in the allocated time that would allow the auditor to create a comprehensive view of the total system and compliance of the company by taking only a snap shot view of all activities, information, inspections etc. This step mostly...