Safeguarding Children

Learning Support Practitioners contribution to learning activities:

Ensuring I am up to date with current legislation and relevant curriculum areas.

Ensuring I am familiar with, and understand my workplace practices and policies.

Ensuring I know the correct planning protocols.

Work as a team with other school staff Teachers, teaching assistants, speech therapists, school nurses, to ensure highest possible standards for pupils are achieved

Demonstrate my knowledge of child development and offer an understanding that all children are unique and that an activity may need to be adapted to allow for all levels of development and abilities.

To help to construct individual educational plans to ensure individuals needs are met

Demonstrate my inclusiveness by ensuring all children are included in the relevant activities, regardless of race, culture or disability.

Attending planning meetings and having a positive input.

Participating in any training opportunities.

Contributing my knowledge of the children to ensure activities planned are appropriate for the children.

Contributing my knowledge of the children’s backgrounds to ensure activities planned are appropriate for the children.

Allowing the teachers to express their ideas and providing opportunities for them to discuss their ideas

Contributing practical ideas to the curriculum in line with the Early Years Framework

Supervising the children to allow the teachers to have time for planning meetings.

Getting the classroom ready for learning activities. Prepare any resources that maybe needed

Ensuring all the resources are available and ready for use before the activity starts.
Ensuring all activities are risk assessed and are safe for all concerned, and that risks are identified and steps put in place to minimise any risk,

Ensuring I am approachable and enthusiastic to encourage the children to want to participate in the activities.

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