Safegauding Children

Understand safeguarding of children and young people
(for those working in the adult sector)

      Working in the adult care sector does not exclude you from having contact with children or young people, aged from birth to 18 years of age. There are a number of ways that could connect you with these age groups but the most common will be that they are the children/grandchildren of a service user in your care. Any cause of concern or knowledge that a child or young person is receiving harm or neglect should be reported immediately. The Children Act 2004 is   the basis for most offical administration considered helpful to children, notably bringing all local government functions of children's welfare and education under the satutory authority of local directors of chidren services. The Act was created with a certain set of goals. Its primary purpose is to give boundaries and help to local authorities or other entities to better regulate offical intervention in the interest of children. The organisation should hold a policy and procedure on how and what to do in safeguarding childre based on the goals set in The Children Act 2004. The policy should name a responsible adult working in the setting which is normally the manager and outline their role and responsibilities in relation to child protection and give a description of what abuse is. This policy will include an outline of the procedure on what will occur to the information that yourself has passed to the person in charge of child protection in that particular setting if abuse is suspected and how that information will be recorded and stored. All information gathered will only be passed on to an appropriate person who will be concerned with the child or young person well-being. This will be an individual on the local safeguarding children’s board. As a member of the public making a referral to the board you will be asked if you are willing to be named or not in the report. If you want to report it as anonymous...