Safe Systems of Work

* Safe System of Work |
Activity   Supporting the individual with Administration of Medication : |
Section | Learning Disabilities | Location: All |
All staff undertaking this activity must be aware of the following control measures and adopt them, where necessary, when performing this task. If it is not possible to comply with these measures please seek advice from your line manager immediately. |
the person takes medication 2 times daily. (Please see Health File for details). They generally co-operative as long as they are always made aware of what is being administered. The individual takes their tablets along with her food on a spoon, one tablet at time; this may take some time. Staff must inform the individual, when administering her medication with food. Should the individual   begin to spit out her tablets , staff should try to put the medication with a different type of food as this maybe because the individual doesn’t like the food rather than refusal of their tablets. This may take a few attempts; something sweet will normally be successful. The individual has PRN Movicol and PRN Paracetamol which is prescribed; staff should adhere to the current guidance which is in place for the individual. Should PRN medication be required management authorization is essential as per medication policy. Staff must ensure that medication administered is recorded on the individuals administration record .There is a countdown sheet for PRN medication and the amount administered mustbe deducted from these sheets. Staff should ensure they follow all guidance in place regarding manufacturer’s instructions,GP’s advice, Speech & Language Department and PRN Documents. |
Personal Protective Equipment required: | None required |