Safe Practices for Storing, Using and Disposing of Hazardous Substances Including Medication, Safely.

The dangers associated with not following safe practices.
People could be harmed, injured, poisoned, burnt, and require urgent medical treatment if safe practice is not followed for hazardous substances This could result in death in some instances. If this were to happen, the home would receive negative publicity, even face closure., and people would lose their jobs. The person responsible may also find themselves in court. Always read risk assessments, COSH sheets and follow the advice given. The same scenario applies for medication. If safe practices are not followed and medication is either not given, administered wrongly or given to the wrong person there could be severe consequences. Contraindications for each drug is different, and if a medicine given incorrectly does not react well with another medicine that has been prescribes a person could become very ill as a result. That is why it is so important to use the MARS sheets correctly at the time of dispensing.

Hazardous substances found in a social care setting
Toxic substances that include; Bleach Disinfectant, Shampoo Cleaning materials Medications Blood Latex Chemical waste Solvent based ink Exposure to hazardous substances should be minimised and staff should be trained in how to handle these substances safely and how to deal with accidents and spillages according to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSH 2002)

Safe practices for storing, using and disposing of hazardous substances including medication, safely.
Clinical waste (pads and dressings)- yellow bags, clearly labelled. Yellow waste bags and buckets must also be stored securely - bags in locable wheelie bins that are inaccessible to the public and yellow buckets in a locked room until ready for collection. Sharps - Yellow sharps box. know how to deal with needle stick injuries (bleed under tepid water, seek immediate medical advice and record and report incident Storing medication: in lockable cupboard/room,...