Sadp Chapter 1 Sample



Project Background
Willard Enterprises started in January 5, 2004 with only a handful of equipment and some basic school supplies and catered to its primary client, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) College of Engineering and Architecture students.
Aside from school supplies, the enterprise primary offers ring binding, photocopy, fax service, printing services, photo printing, and iced cold beverages. Today, Willard’s Enterprises extends the business by putting up a printing business (which specializes in CAD plotting, large format printing, and blue printing), added engineering & architecture supplies and events Management Company.
The study focuses only on operations involved in the sales and inventory of products, related to school and office supplies.   With this, several problems were identified.
Errors in the manual computation for sales and discounts are often experienced.   This results in inconsistency of information and worse wrong or lost sales.   Also, difficulties abound for matters related to stock and its inventory.   Since manual operations are also facilitated for operations such as recording and updating of stock level, it was noted that unreliable information are generated.   This issue affects an even more crucial activity, that is, the generation of purchase order.   Willard’s Enterprises is having difficulty in maintaining the continuity of purchase order number, delivery notes, and statement of accounts.
It is therefore the intention of the study to improve the operations of Willard Enterprises by using the developed LAN-based Sales and Inventory System using Barcode Reader.
Objectives of the Project
The objective of this study is divided into two parts namely general and specific objectives. The proponents listed down the main objective followed by the specific objectives.
General Objective
The general objective of this project is to develop LAN-Based Sales and Inventory System...