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Reading note 2

Marketing is Everything, by Regis McKenna, from the January-February 1991 Issue.

Marketing concept is the basic guiding ideology of the enterprise to carry on the management decision, organizing and managing the marketing activity, also is the enterprise's management philosophy. It is a concept, an attitude, or a way of thinking.
Marketing concept is a kind of "take the consumer demand as the center, take the market as the starting point" the management guiding ideology.
Marketing concept that the key to achieve organizational goals is to correctly determine the needs and desires of the target market, and more effective than the competitors, more than to transfer target market to meet the expectations of things.
Below is the characteristics of marketing concept
  1. Consumer demand as the center, the implementation of target marketing.
  2. The use of marketing mix means to fully meet the needs of consumers
  3. Establish the concept of the whole product, stimulate the development of new products to meet the overall needs of the consumer.
  4. According to meet consumer demand and achieve the goal of enterprise profit.
  5. The marketing department to become the command and coordination of the whole enterprise production and management activities of the center.

The concept of marketing is produced in 1950s, on the one hand, it is a result of the continuous sum up and accumulation of the practice experience of the capitalist enterprise management, on the other hand, because of the emergence of the buyer's market situation. In this concept under the guidance of enterprises attach great importance to market research and market development, according to the consumer demand for product development, pricing, distribution channels selection, promotion organization advocating "what customers need, what, what to sell."
Defects of marketing concept:
Under the condition of...