Alan Buenos
Period 3
February 5, 2010
Cornbread Essay
There are many things that we take for granted in our present-day society. Some of these things are running water, food, and electricity. Two out of those three things we can live without. If my family was in an economic trouble I would sacrifice running water and electricity. These things mean a lot to me but they are things that I am willing to give up to help my family.
Electricity is essential in today’s society. Without it you are not communicated with anyone because a simple conversation is now used more over technology than a face to face chat. Without electricity you would need to purchase a newspaper to stay up to date with the current events and by the time you get the latest newspaper a huge story happens and you will not know until the next day when you get the latest edition. Even with all these setbacks I would sacrifice this to help my family. Also if my family and I did not use electricity we could sell all of our electrical appliances which would bring a lot of money.
Running water makes everyone’s life easier. Without it we would either have to get our water from a well or bottled. A well is very hard to use. Bottled water can be exceedingly expensive. Another alternative could be to use a rain barrel. A rain barrel is a one time price to buy the actual barrel and then the water is free. This is an ideal way to use water and save money. Running water is very useful. Even though it makes life easier I would be willing to sacrifice running water to help my family.
These sacrifices that I am making are not the same sacrifices that the Logan’s had to, but they
had to make big sacrifices just like I am making. They had to eat the repulsive and rotten cornbread. Even though it was disgusting and all they had to eat it because it was all they could afford. I was put in the same situation. My family had cut costs and we had to live with it.
These sacrifices would be extremely...