Sab Miller Swot

SAB MILLERMarket share global
North America

29% Colombia - 98% Peru

91% Czech

47% Poland 42%Italy

20% Romania

33% Russia

5% China

21% India

26% Tanzania

72% Mozambique

98% SouthAfrica


Brand equity

SAB Miller is one of the world‟s leading brewers, with more than 200 beer brands

Differentiated premium portfolio

SAB Miller has become a global leader by excelling locally nurturing strong, local brands and building brandportfolio that meets the needs of consumers in each markets (Annual Report)

SAB Miller has grown through a culture of operational excellence, delivering high-quality products, innovationand sustainability


as one of the world‟s
largest of Coca Cola products, Gaming and interests through Gold ReefsResorts Ltd

Global food print may countries

Its success is built on clear strategic direction and shared commitment to the companys vision, mission andvalues

SAB Miller follows a cost strategy and pricing strategy to be competitive in the market

SAB Miller has created leading positions in both emerging and developed markets across the world

SAB Miller portfolio of business spans six regions which together brewed over 200 different brand and sold218 million hectoliters of lager last year 2011 year

Leader of market share in Latin America (1), Europe (1 or 2), North America (2), Africa (1), India (2), SouthAfrica (1),

SAB Miller has brand portfolio that meets
needs in different markets

Superb service to their retailers be they large, sophisticated super market chains in the USA or small mom andpop stores in Latin America and Africa

BBBEE transaction in SA under which 29 542 local retailers are shareholders in SAB Miller business and ableto participate directly in the success of SAB Miller.

Maximum use of local materials...