S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
      When entering the business field it is of vital importance to have a strategic plan. Strategies may change and the plans will need to be updated in order to ensure that the business stays pertinent and that the business will continue to increase market share while continuing the business venture. Many have seen it time and time again where companies start out with a business plan refuse to tweak it in order to meet consumer demand and they eventually fall from being the industry leader that they once were (QuickMBA, 2011). The strategic plan needs to not be revised when the medical center reputation is in jeopardy.
      The Community South Medical Center is a great place for care for any medical condition you could have. The Community South Medical Center had a wide-range of health services, including acute care, residential care, independent living, in-home nursing, hospice, neonatal, and pediatric services, advanced cardiac services, a major trauma center, a center of excellence for pulmonary services, and a neurosurgery center. Even though they were advanced in all aspects of the medical field, they started seeing facility issues when the large, major businesses started leaving the area where they were located. Whether the businesses left or the competition got in there way is unknown; but the fact that their customer class was changing towards a predominantly elderly population and they were in need of new faculty was becoming a cause for concern. It is necessary for the Community South Medical Center to revise the strategic goals of the organization from three years ago and find a way to get the Community South Medical Center back on track. The strategic plan had not been revised for three years, so it was not addressing the countless things that had changed throughout the city where the Community South Medical Center was located. Because the businesses had moved and technology had improved...