Ry Cis 321 Week 7 Milestone 5 and Milestone 6

DEVRY CIS 321 Week 7 Milestone 5 and
Milestone 6

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MILESTONE 5 - Process Modeling - Part III (User Interface)
Management and users make important decisions based on system outputs. Outputs
present information to system users. Outputs, the most visible component of a
working information system, are the justification for the system. These outputs are
produced from data that is either retrieved from databases or, more often, input by
Good input and output design can make the difference in whether or not an
information system is used effectively. User interface design provides a roadmap or
dialog that integrates the inputs and outputs.
In this milestone you will design outputs, inputs, and user interface for the Customer
Response System.

After completing this milestone, you should be able to:

• Design a GUI output screen and printed computer outputs.
• Design a GUI input screens that use the proper screen-based controls.
• Design a GUI screen that integrates the above outputs and inputs.
Before starting this milestone the following topics should be covered:
1. Output design – Chapter 15
2. Input design – Chapter 16
3. User interface design – Chapter 17
The goal of this project is to design outputs, inputs, and a user interface to track
employee data.
1. Design at least one of the following outputs for the Equipment Check-Out System:
transaction (external/turnaround), detail report (internal), summary report
(internal), and exception report (internal). Your instructor will indicate what
specific outputs you are to design.
2. Design at least one of the following inputs for the Equipment Check-Out System:
source document, client/server screens (e.g., Windows), and web screens. Your
instructor will...