Russian Problems and How I Can Solve It After Study Abroad

Russia faces appalling structural problems including a weak democracy, shrinking population, and a non-performing economy. Russia
had so far failed to fulfill its enormous potential. The country faced vast social challenges, including corruption, a feeble civil society,
terrorism, alcoholism, and smoking. Russia was also in the grip of a poverty-fuelled insurgency across its North Caucasus.
I consider college as a challenge, opportunity to increase knowledge, take new experience, meet interesting people, develop the
career and contribute Russia by struggling for development and increasing economy . Studying in university can benefit me greatly
since it augments my knowledge, aids in developing career and gives a chance to meet people of different backgrounds. It can
contribute Russia in many ways. I can share values which I will learn from international studying and help people achieve their goals in
future. I am sure that in US I will learn a lot of lessons which will help me understand how I can help Russia in effort to correct it’s
Knowledge is such a powerful tool that possessing it can diminish nearly all life problems. A university is a place were I can gain
knowledge and become more valuable for society. I will learn variable subjects which can help me in future life. In foreign country I will
learn how to deal will life problems in university.
Russian democracy should be open, flexible, and complex with competitive elections and education will help me to understand how
we should act to provide more open and honest relationship between government and society.
Interacting with new people is always a challenge. A university is a place where people from different backgrounds get opportunities to
interact with each other. Information about different cultures, different life styles and certain types of food is shared among students.
A university is the place where dreams can be fulfilled. An ineffective economy, a weak democracy,...