Russia Literature

early post-Soviet night life consist from dance clubs to expensive casinos, and this was something new at that, all night clubs dance have became a prominent culture forms, also it was influential and cutting edge than anywhere specially in the two main cities St.Petersburg and Moscow. The night’s life at early soviet had three main brands which are: the first brad was Rock and Jazz and it included live music, restaurant and casinos. The crowd was mix and continues the tradition that started in 1980 by the Russian independent rock movement. The second type also had restaurant and casinos, but it was mainly a place for the place for the members of mafia to enjoy their time and discuss their business, those clubs mainly are expensive compared to the first one, the last type is represented today in Moscow and St.petersburg by dozens of nightclubs and it became predominate all over the country.

During 1970, the expansion of western rock music became as the dominate; rave music was very influential from the west. In the late 1980, many member of the nonofficial culture in St.petersburg were able to travel to the west, however it was only available to privilege people at Russian during that time that can afford the visa or have a friend there. Westerners also became interested in the new available glimpse of Soviet nonofficial arts. That benefited the Russian as well as they encounters forms of youth   culture ,such as dance clubs and all night raves that did not exit in the soviet times, as a result,they were able to learn from those experience from the western and brought that back to Russia

The new subculture, Ideology and symbolic was   consolidate by new power structure and cultural logic as they became more controlled by the state, market, the mafia and their various combinations. Plus those people were very young.

As conclusion, just like every country, Russian new generation is expanding and taking over the internal culture those old generations hold on...