In late 2006 early 2007 I was charting one night on ward C2 and came across the entry of one of the day RN’s that stated something to the effect that a patient was an “asshole”.   I reported this to my RN and she then reported it to the RN3.   A few days later I arrived to work to find that an email had been sent from this RN to the ward program manager stating what a horrible nurse I was and how it was difficult to work with me.   The ward program manager had responded to this RN’s email with a lot of negative things about me.   The problem was that this ward program manager had never spoken with me or met me.   She had stated in her email that she (the ward program manager) had found me difficult to deal with and rude and several other negative things.   The ward program manager when she responded to the email from the day RN forwarded the email with her response to the entire night shift staff.   By the time I had come back to work, either the next night or after my days off other staff in other wards had heard about this email.
I was then injured at work, and the patient that injured me claimed that I was rough with her when I took her vitals after she was placed into restraints.   I was contacted at home by the RN3 about this matter and I reminded him that I was not at the facility when the patient was in restraints.   She was still being placed into restraints when I was sent to the ER.   I assumed that this was the end of this issue.
I then got my evaluation for 2007 and there was a statement at the end of my evaluation from this ward program manager with a bunch of things that were not true.   I pointed this out to my RN3, who said that I could write my statement at the bottom refuting the information but that he would not take it out of my evaluation.   So I wrote my statement.
I came back to work in 2009 and have applied and interviewed for several positions.   The two positions that I interview for one did not contact me at all about the position, the second...