Rtw Garment Business

Case analysis

  1. The first thing that I will do is to hire employees which have experience for about 2 years or more regarding the business and the job.   I should go first into production only, and as a strategy, I will start by being affiliated with large export firms as a subcontractor. Then after that, if the employee shows effectiveness and efficient in his work, I will organize a training for my employees according to the prescription of their job that will fully develop their skills, and enhance their workforce and I will organize a seminar and team building activity that will enhance and develop their skills as a team and by that I’ll make sure that the business will be able to compete or become competent to other business and will be known by our standard/well organized management.

  2. If I will start to run the RTW garment business right, the behavioral competencies I will require to my rank and file workers are the ff. treats
        • Gets the job done by doing whatever it takes, within an appropriate time frame;
        • Handles and delivers multiple projects simultaneously;
        • Implements plans and makes mid-course changes when necessary to achieve goals;
        • Fast and reliable
        • Independent and dependable
        • Shows persistence in overcoming obstacles;
        • Ensures follow-through to desired results.

  3.   If I have to pick up the ablest supervisors as front liners to run the business, the right competencies these leaders need to have are the following:
      Communicates Effectively
        • Communicates in an open, candid and consistent manner;
        • Explains concepts and procedures clearly and completely while maintaining attention and interest;
        • Displays sensitivity to ethnic and gender issues in verbal and written communications;
        • Shows tact and diplomacy in dealing with others;
        • Keeps individuals well informed of key organizational issues...