This chapter discuss the introduction which explain about the impact of
Technology and the background of the company, statement of the problem which
deals   the general and specific problems, objective of the study which aims to design
and develop the system, significance of the body which gives benefits to the
people/things concerned, scope and limitations, conceptual framework which shows
the figure of the conceptual paradigm and the definition of   terms which define the
terminology encountered.
The height modern civilization, We witness breakthroughs in information technology,
beyond what the human mind can comprehend. Considering many improvements, changes and
innovations around us and in almost all parts of the globe, We may include the indeed, moder-
nization   has swept the world. The advance information technology has given us comfortable
lives with just one push of a button and everyday there seems to be more and more discoveries
and invention that lead to fine living.

Effective inventory management is an important part of managers job. Managers are
tasked to make consistent, reliable and timely decisions under the challenges of uncertainly,
Pressure and lack of information. It is often that manager do not have enough time or
Information to make a perfect decision but they are forced to solved problem using resources
within their control . Effective inventory control requires managers to ensure Inventories of the
right items in the correct quantities. When an organization overstocks, money is wasted since
procuring, storing and accounting for unneeded items required time, space and money which
could have been used on more critical assets. Likewise, when understocking   occurs the
organization will more likely to only partly meet their mission or possibly not meet to mission
at all.
Every company uses a system to operate their everyday transaction. A...