Rosemary Dobson was born on June 18th, 1920. She is an Australian poet from Sydney and has written many poems in her life. Her poems "One Section" and "Jack" focus on her view of life. These powerful poems are about a journey through life. In "One Section" Dobson uses imagery of a young girl to portray the hopelessness of childhood "A little to high for her hand". The second stanza continues to show the inquisitive aspect of youth for the young girl, with her "Eyes on the tipsy soldiers". By using more imagery, "parroty dress", Dobson conveys to the reader the happiness and colour in her teenage years. The third stanza shows the beginning of a loss of hope for the older woman who is expecting something "a woman waiting for something or nothing". The phrase " in slippers" signifies that she no longer appears to be making an effort. The use of alliteration "dazzle from distance" suggests her nerviness towards the future, "as she puts her hands to her eyes" to shade the distance or future of her life. "One Section" has themes showing death and one second you can be alive and the next second you can be dead. It is also about the different stages of life for Rosmary Dobson

The fourth stanza starts by asking a rhetorical question of the viewer and also is in first person. It also misses the present and goes straight to the future and visualises death, "will you believe what I saw in the late afternoon from the tramway, going up William Street from the Past to the Future? Who can deny it was Death at the final doorway?" shows the use of alliteration to stress on Death an hoe quickly death comes Dobson use repetition in the