Rose-Haired Tarantulas

When most people see a spider, they go crazy and take their shoe off, step on it and kill it. Over half the women in the world have a phobia of spiders, and about ten percent of men have a phobia of spiders (“Tarantula Facts.” Online.). Most people fear spiders because of the fact that just getting bitten by one means you’re getting poison put into your body.
A rose haired tarantula is very different than a regular tarantula. They look very different.   Rose hair tarantulas are found in deserts in Bolivia, Argentina, and/or Chile. Some of the Rose-Hairs are more brightly colored than others. They get their name from their hairs. The hair ranges from an orange, gray, to a pinkish red color. Statistics say that these tarantulas are more human friendly than all the other tarantulas, but everyone has their own opinion. They can grow to have a leg span of five to six inches. Each spider’s size will be different. Their size can range from a fingernail up to a dinner plate.
Surprisingly, tarantulas will spend a lot of their time hiding when they are not hunting around looking for prey. A lot of animals try to eat tarantulas, although some of them will not succeed. They are also pretty fast runners! So if they are ever in a case where they might lose to its prey, the spider can run. And if all fails, they can bite, but their venom is used mainly for eating prey, not biting.
Males and female are different. It can be very hard to tell them from each other. Males seem to live for only about five years, while females can live up to twenty years or more. They are known to be one of the most common pet spiders. A male’s leg span seems to be longer than a female, and they are also fuzzier. Females are usually brightly colored.   Also, a male will have hooks on his front to legs to use while mating.
Tarantulas are a very easy animal to feed. They have a simple diet. The can eat crickets, mill worms, and roaches. Larger tarantulas can and will eat things such as pinky mice,...