Rosa Parks

Many parents are under the impression that the children’s educational shows Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go is the same show, with different stars.   This is a very wrong assumption to be made by parents.   They may have similar ideas such as missions, back packs, and a companion, but they have two very different meanings.   I would like to open the eyes of all parents to the differences in each shows missions, back pack purposes, and companions.
Dora the Explorer has a mission in every show.   Her missions are to confront challenges and encounters of the various difficulties in life.   She helps her friends find treasures that they have lost or misplaced.   They have many obstacles standing in their way like Dora’s villain, Swiper the fox, who is always trying to steal her back pack supplies so she cannot help her friends.   In the show Go Diego Go, Diego also has a mission in every show, but Diego’s missions are rescue missions to save the animals in the Rain Forest.   Diego also has a villain, The Bo Bo Brothers which are spider monkeys, and the Bo Bo Brothers are always trying to sabotage Diego’s mission by getting him off course to keep him from rescuing the animals.
Dora the Explorer has a back pack that she always has with her on every mission. Dora’s back pack contains items like the map, flashlight, stars, and different items to help her with her mission.   All of the supplies in Dora’s back pack help her find the lost or misplaced items that belong to her friends.   Go Diego Go has a rescue pack that he always takes on his missions to save the animals.   Diego’s rescue pack contains items such as a GPS, stethoscope, tweezers, and animal food.   These items help Diego find the animals and rescue them before something bad happens to them in the Rain Forest.
Dora the Explorer has a special friend that goes with her on every mission.   Dora’s friend is “Boots” the monkey.   Boots accompanies Dora and helps her watch out for her villain Swiper.   Boots also helps...