Roper Logan Tierney


The patient I am choosing to base this assignment on is a woman whom I shall refer to as Beverley. Beverley is a fifty year old female of White British origin. She belongs to the Church of England but does not practice. Beverley worked as a teaching assistant up until her illness. She lives in a two storey house with her partner and two children (15years and 12years). Prior to her illness, her only medical past history was hypertension for which she was on medication for. She has no known drug allergies.
Beverley was diagnosed just over a year ago with a Grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma of the left breast which has metastasised to the spine and as a result has spinal cord compression. She has intermittent back pain and left upper limb paraesthesia. Beverley is on a course of radiotherapy to the breast to shrink the tumour. She is seen by the physiotherapy team during the weekdays where she sits out for two hours and about once/twice a week will walk 50yards with assistance.
I have chosen Beverley as she has being a patient during my six week duration on the ward. I have gotten to know Beverley really well and have met her family and friends too. I have listened to her when she is upset and she feels confident to confide in me. She is a remarkable lady and is copying so well with her illness. I also have an interest in Beverley’s condition, breast cancer, as it is the number one cancer affecting women. It is stated about one in every eight women will be affected by it at some time in their life.

Roper-logan-tierney framework
I will be using the Roper-Logan-Tierney framework which was used on my placement. It is one of the most widely used nursing models in the United Kingdom and is also referred to as a Human Needs Model. This model of nursing care has five components to the model:
  1. Activities of living (AL’s)
  2. Lifespan
  3. Dependence/independence
  4. Factors influencing the activities of living
  5. Individuality in...