Roots Part 1

Book Review part.1
Roots: The Saga of an American Family by Author Alex Haley was a novel depicting the hardships put onto generations a particular family during early American development. By writing a book based on a long lineage of family history passed down from one generation to the next. With the use of situations which are factually documented in history he places the reader in a more intimate realization of the absolutely appalling treatment that African American slaves went through in this country. I think it does a good job to make people realize how vital it is to know your family heritage and culture. And how the American slave trade wreaked havoc on all aspects of family life for the enslaved Africans. We also see how over a few generation not only were they enslaved physically but mentally as well. It is a fine example of historical fiction in my opinion. He relates the timeline of his family story with actual events that took place in history. As well as giving the reader an idea of the sort of policies enacted on the enslaved people and how it affected them personally.
There are many different themes in which this book touches on throughout the reading. Obviously mainly that of the American slave trade, but also the importance of one’s identity, a strong family bond and the continuation of one’s cultural traditions. He gives examples of how the slave owners were doing things to keep slaves from gaining strong bonds with one another. In many cases having whole families split up and sold to separate owners at their “Masters” will. Also how in most all cases whites forbade Slaves from practicing any aspects of cultural tradition whether it be medicine, religion, language or family traditions also forbidding the education of any colored person. This was crucial to keep them mentally enslaved in order to prevent any sort of rebellion as well as attempted escapes.  
The book provides a graphic and accurate portrayal of life for an enslaved family...