Romulus My Father

Romulus My Father
  1. Belonging to Environment/Place –
  * When one’s cultural identity is marginalized, one can feel dislocated and isolated, and believe that we do not belong to our world (however, through human experiences one’s perceptions and attitudes will change, which ultimately allows us to belong)
The migration experience, acceptance from others,
  2. Belonging to People –
  * When we begin to understand the forces that drive us to belong we develop empathy for others (and understand that sacrifices must be made in order to sustain relationships)
Father-Son Relationship, Friendships and relationships with others
A Beautiful Mind
  1. Belonging to Environment/Place-
  * Our search for who we are is fuelled by a need to find a place in the world where we belong
  * Acceptance from others he tried to generate original idea and be significant in his world
  2. Belonging to People –
  * Resorted to belonging to hallucinations in illusionary world because he didn’t belong to the people he was around due to social/comfort barriers but wife helped him overcome barriers to belong   people are needed to help us overcome barriers and be accepted
  * The basic human need to be accepted and belong can cloud our judgments and direct our actions – Despite him saying he doesn’t need people, he subconsciously produces hallucinations to feel a sense of belonging

“An individual’s interaction with others and the world around them can enrich or limit their experience of belonging”
It is a basic human need to attain a sense of belonging through interactions with other individuals and the world, and it is through such interactions with which our experience of belonging is strengthened and enriched. Raimond Gaita’s memoir Romulus, My Father and Ron Howard’s film A Beautiful Mind illustrate the necessity...