Romeo's Banishment from Verona

Romeo’s Banishment from Verona
In Act 3, Scene 1, Mercutio and Benvolio are talking on the street when Benvolio told Mercutio “let’s retire”, as the Capulets were walking about. “We shall not scape a brawl”. Mercutio and Benvolio had a mild argument because Benvolio would quarrel for the slightest reason and Mercutio said “And yet thou wilt tutor me from quarrelling”.
Tybalt and his followers appeared looking for Romeo, and asked Mercutio, “Thou consortest with Romeo”. Mercutio deliberately misunderstood the meaning and said, “Consort? What, dost thou make us minstrels?” Benvolio wants them to keep quiet as they were in a public place. Romeo appeared and came towards his friends. Tybalt called him a “villain”. Romeo said “villain am I none”. Romeo is challenged to a duel by Tybalt which he refuses to accept – “I do protest I never injured thee”.
Mercutio, who had been eager for a duel with Tybalt, was ashamed by Romeo’s cowardice. He drew his sword and asked, “Will you”. Tybalt pulled out his sword; they fought and Tybalt wounded Mercutio under Romeo’s arm and ran away.
Mercutio cursed both the Capulet and Montague families and told his page to fetch a surgeon. Romeo asked Mercutio to be strong but Mercutio replied, “Ask for me to-morrow and you shall find me a grave man”.
When Mercutio is gone Romeo talks to himself, when Benvolio returned and Romeo that Mercutio is dead. Just then Tybalt returned and Romeo, who was furious, drew his sword. They fought and Romeo killed Tybalt. Benvolio asked Romeo to flee otherwise “the Prince will doom thee death”.
The Montagues, the Capulets and the servants arrived at the scene. The Prince asked “Where are the vile beginners of this fray?” Benvolio briefed him on the truth of the incident but Lady Capulet lamented the death of her nephew – “For the blood of ours, shed blood of Montague”. She accuses Benvolio of lying – “He is a kinsman to the Montague: Affection makes him false: he speaks not true”. She tells the Prince...