Romeo and Juliet

I am on side with Juliet on the whole marriage debate.   At the start of the play when Paris went to find Capulet for his permission on marrying Juiet, Capulet asked Paris to wait until Juliet is 16. When Lady Capulet asked Juliet for her opinion on marrying Paris, Juliet was very surprised but she still told Lady Capulet she would marry Paris if that is what her family wanted her to do. She was supposed to meet Paris on the night of the party but instead she met Romeo who soon after got married with her without any of the parents knowing. Everything was going so well until when young Tybalt was killed unexpectedly in his duel with Romeo which reminded Capulet how sudden people can die. That incident made Capulet decide that Juliet was to marry Paris as fast as possible without even thinking about Juliet’s future happiness. Since Juliet was the only child in the house of Capulet, her father wanted her to marry immiedialy so she wouldn’t be left alone when she is old. Capulet just wanted Juliet to be happy and have a good husband who have the ability to take care of Juliet. I agree with Juliet because i believe that everyone should have their own happiness. The feud between the house of Capulet and the house of Montague might cause a big problem in their relationship but problems are meant to be solved. By disobeying her father, she is bring shame to herself and her family because if Juliet doesn’t listen to her father and gets kicked out on the the streets people will not like that scene since parents are suppose to love their child and not force them to do something that would ruin their life. The house of Capult would probably lose their reputation because they are abusing their daughter. Paris’s family would also hate the Capulets because Capult promised him that Juliet would be married with him on Thursday but he broke that promise. In conclusion I believe that having her own idea and not listening to her parents about this situation is the right thing to do.