Romeo and Juliet

Lisa Simmons
March 8, 2016
R & J
R & J was an amazing and interesting show that I have never experienced before in all the plays that I have been to in my life. For normal plays that you just go and sit down for the entire show you only get to see one view the entire time but with R & J you could walk around and see every single angle possible for every single scene. Sharing the space with the actors was pretty cool because it kind of felt like you was one of them and in the play also. I believe that they should have more plays like this one just to get a whole different experience while watching a play.
I believe the acting was done very well in this show especially when you don’t have that many props to use they had to make us believe that there was something there when there actually wasn’t and they did that very well. I also liked how they had a projector on the floor to set the scene for some of the scenes and they also had a projector on the wall telling you what scene it was and sometimes had scenes from the movie Romeo and Juliet that they were acting out at that moment. You could kind of tell which actors or actresses have been acting for a while and who is a beginner in the acting scene but I believe I only noticed that because of acting class. There was one instance where messed up their lines but they went along with it and didn’t make a big deal about it.
The thing that confused me at first was who every actor was playing until they said “Enter Juliet” before they started saying their lines. I would have liked it more if the actors only played one role the whole time instead of switching roles the whole play.
Overall I believe that the play was very well written and very well portrayed. I would go to another show that was written the same way R&J was written.