Romeo Aand Juliet My Proposal


I made my proposition from act 1 scene 5 in light of the fact that to me this is a standout among the most critical scenes where Romeo and Juliet met. I didn't want this be the regular "Romeo and Juliet" I have chosen to make this a Western subject so this will be occurring in Tombstone, Arizona. I trust one day this film or something near this will be playing and I would like to be there. The entire scene will be in a bar where Romeo and Juliet meet. If you like a romantic and a tragic movie this is for you. I hope you enjoy my version of Romeo and Juliet.


In this scene Romeo (Logan Bartholomew) will be entering a bar constrained by his best friend Benvolio who is not in this scene. He has been constrained on the grounds that he is so infatuated with his ex (Rosaline) and basically he needs to forget her.
He comes in the bar he goes purchases himself a beverage he will likely be drinking away his pain. However, what he doesn't know is that the sheriffs(Capulet - Clint Eastwood) girl(Juliet - Lily Collins) from NYC is around the local area going by and the sheriff is hosting her a get-together. At the point when the sheriff invites everybody he advises a lovely young woman to come up to sing a melody for the visitors. Romeo not paying consideration on this is drinking carelessly not minding but rather, when he hears her sing he pivots and gazes at her she takes a gander at him and he experiences passionate feelings and forgets about Rosaline. Juliet likewise experiences passionate feelings and is gazing at him and when the tune wraps up. He asks the servant who is this young woman he doesn't know. Tybalt (Ian Somerhalder) hears him gets angry that there is a son of a criminal in the bar. The sheriff is alright with him arriving since Romeo hasn't done anything bad. Romeo and Juliet have shared two kisses already and when they break their second kiss Juliet's manger (Nurse - Sandy Bullock)requires her. Romeo asks her who the lovely young...