In this story I personally thought that it involved four main topics. These topics are a good hero, a quest, and the test of that good hero, and a romance .I will now be trying to explain my theories on only three of these topics. My thoughts as to why I thought the story involved a good hero .The hero in this story happens to be the Green Knight because he gives Sir Gawain a great blow but doesn’t actually kill Sir Gawian. The reasoning as to why he didn’t kill
The great quest of this story is that the quest is to win the challenge beat him out show the Green Knight who is the boss. him is because he was a brave man and he knew he was risking his own life to be a great hero. Sir Gawain takes the challenge, but wants to kill him so he won"tmt have to take the blow. I think that Sir Gawain was a test of a great hero to stand up to this challenge. The test was anyone to give the Green Knight a blow if they could give him one back within a year. Now to look at the reasons as to why it"tms a test of a great hero . He actually uses his magic to win this blow. The conclusion to this story the Green Knight is that theses are the many reasons That I thought these topics would revolve around the story. Unfortunately the green Knight lives, but is headless. It really took a person with a lot of bravenes to stand up to someone like him knowing that this great hero could kill Gawain. This story had many great lessons in it as to if your brave you can defeat anybody you just have to stand up to the person so they won"tmt pull the bluff over your eyes.