Roman Empire

Roman Empire Emerald Man period8

The creation of Roman Empire brings the Roman political, economy and society change a lot. Did you know, although Rome grew rapidly, but the republic government was disable to handle the outcome ofthese changes? The Punic War and the way that Rome’s expanding the empire brought many problems. Especially in the serious gap between rich and poor. Do you want to know what contribute a glory Roman Empire decline?
According to the chapter of the book ‘World History – The Roman Empire Brings Change” written by McDougal Littell. The most serious problem was the gap between rich and poor. Most of the rich landowners lived on huge estates called Latifundia. Those were the one who took farmers left untented by soldiers serving in the army. “Romans had made slaves of thousands captured people in the wars. These slaves were made to work on the latifundia. By 100 B.C, slave formed perhaps one -third of Rome’s population.”(chapter 6, page 146, paragraph1). To go through that, farmer found a lot of difficult to win over with large estates run by slave labor. Some of their cannot afford the damage cause by Hannibal’s invasion.: some of their land were sold to those landowner. Most of them lost their home and job. The gap of rich and poor brought the Rome into a improper change.
Base on the article of “Social Class And Public Display” written by Barbara F. McManus. During the empire, most of the social classes have built.There was a new class at the top of the social pyramid, including emperors and their families, indicated at the very top of the above diagram. In the time of Augusta, State was identified household. The woman belong to that household had become associated with imperial status. There have two group of higher class of the empire, included Senatorial and
Equestrian. In Senatorial class, it basically for political. All the men who served in the Senate and extension their families. Their class were control by nobles. In...