Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships in Lifelong Learning.

Unit 008  
Roles, responsibilities, and relationships in lifelong learning.
Theory Assignment

There are a number of laws and codes of practice that affect different organisations in the UK.   The aim of Government is to develop legislation and policies to help shape society.   Legislation and policy is the driving force that needs to be implemented and understood by that society, in addition codes of practice provide guidance and expected standards.   As part of my role and my obligation as an Early Years Professional it is under the terms of my contract that I meet and comply with   the appropriate legislation that impact on my role.   Legislation is influenced by change, research, and experience.   Therefore, the government endeavours to shape practice with the appropriate legislation, policies, and codes of conduct.   This is a role the previous labour government fulfilled in great detail following the death of Victoria Climbie, who died in 2003, following this the Children’s Act 2004 identified the ‘Every Child Matters’ (ECM) agenda.   This is a national framework to change local policies.   This policy is intended to improve on the lives of all children aged 0-19 years old.   “…..the Government set out in Every Child Matters to strengthen early intervention by enabling children to receive help at the first onset of problems and to prevent any children from slipping through the net.”   (Core Standards, p24, 2004).
Within the Every Child Matters (ECM), agenda there are five outcomes, which comply with the code of conduct for teachers.   In my role as an Early Years Professional in a FE College Childcare Centre, I have a duty to meet these five outcomes.   In the lifelong learning sector, it is my responsibility to ensure that students on placement achieve and learn, make positive contributions and achieve economic wellbeing by helping them to gain employment by achieving their qualification.   However, it is also my responsibility to ensure that they are healthy and...