Roles Responsibilities and Boundaries

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Task No 3 -       Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries, Lifelong Learning Sector

  a) Role as a Teacher

The role of a Teacher or Lecturer spans a wide field, in addition to the fact that they are required to share their knowledge, in their given subject, in a clear and understandable fashion, they must also ensure that their teaching methods are relevant to the students needs, that they are conveying the information on a level that suits all of the students, with constant assessments that each are following the course to an acceptable level, giving aid to those who may be falling behind.
Another role of Teacher is to keep accurate records of student progress , attendance, and to carry out research to ensure the lessons are up to date and in line with current affairs and modern changes.

I personally work as a part-time lecturer in Welding and General Metalwork, I see my role as one to carry out tuition in an efficient and professional manner, ensuring the safety of the students at all times, structure each lesson to suit all students, to find out the requirements, and to concentrate on each individual needs, to explain each procedure, and demonstrate, then, as the courses are mainly practical, to encourage them to imitate the processes that been shown, and also to ask any questions that they may have.

I read an article that was written after the Earthquake in Haiti, January 2010, about a lady called Gailyn Cornell, who travelled there to teach welding to the victims of the disaster, so they could start to rebuild and repair their belongings, I found the following quote quite inspiring,

“The students were so enthusiastic and the look of excitement when they mastered their first weld was unforgettable and incredibly rewarding! Our first project arrived on the second day. It was a bed with almost every existing weld broken. Then more beds, grills (the primary form of cooking), chairs, and other items began to roll in. The...