Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries

This assignment will describe what the role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

To achieve effective teaching/training in my role as an NVQ assessor, I must have comprehensive knowledge about my role, responsibilities and boundaries throughout the whole learning cycle what comprises of five distinct stages.
Identifying needs
My role and responsibility as an assessor when identifying candidates needs is to carry out an initial assessment recognising and identifying the candidates previous achievements, to help them to make informed decisions whether the course is relevant to their needs and expectations and most important to be related to their current job role. I need to identify candidates’ functional skills such as numeracy and literacy and when outside my boundaries, to refer them elsewhere if they need to develop these skills.
Plan and design
My role is to conduct an initial assessment and agree an appropriate action plan in order for the candidate to achieve their qualification. It is my responsibility to conform my work to the requirements of the NVQ standards and awarding bodies legislative requirements and work within the boundaries of the codes of practice in terms of delivering professional and effective assessment.
After identifying my candidates' needs, my role is to plan and design the first observation session by confirming the date, time, place and length of the session.
Prior to the session I always discuss and agree with the candidates any problems that may arise during the session.
Thorough planning and designing of the observation session provides effective assessment of the candidate in a relaxed atmosphere.
To deliver successful NVQ training as an assessor I need to have comprehensive knowledge of the NVQ standards and very good theory/practical skills related to them. I strive to keep up to date with my knowledge and practical skills by Continued Professional...