Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries

1 1. Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training
One of the roles
as a teacher is to share my knowledge and understanding of various subjects as an information provider, other roles are motivating the students to develop their ability and aspirations to learn within the workplace or other training environments, Weather this in providing in depth lectures on a subject or a more practical based approach. It’s not just about teaching and training, it’s about the learning that takes place, if a teacher/trainer is teaching and the learner is not learning then the teacher has failed, so therefore the teacher must carry out some sort of initial assessment either written or verbal by questions and answers to confirm the given subject.
Wayt (2008) explains that “Assessing varying learners styles within a group and considering learners motivation and previous experiences helps identify various teaching methods that can be useful incorporating visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles ensures students have equal rights to learning and provide the opportunity to re-evaluate what is already known while exploring aims and objectives from a different perspective”
Ultimately the teacher’s aim is to enable the learners to change and develop their personal, social and professional skills to the best of their ability and to understand how to take responsibility for their own development to achieve their goals. This can be achieved by forward planning and preparing, teaching/learning activities in relation to the training cycle
To enable the learners to achieve their goals other parts of the teacher’s role will include using various teaching, learning and assessment approaches, and taking individual learner needs into account
A teacher therefore needs to be knowledgeable in their field and have a skill of translating that information to their students so that they will understand.
Some key aspects of a Teacher/Trainer role may include but...