Roles and Resposibilities of School Governors and External Professionals

Edexcel Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools       LEVEL   2

UNIT 10:   Schools as organisations
Assignment Number 2

Q1-What is the type of school that you have chosen?
ANSWER- The type of school which I have chosen is COMMUNITY SCHOOL.
Q2-What are the names of the key adult workers in the schools?
ANSWER-The names of the key adult workers in the schools are:
● Head Teacher
●Assistant Head Teacher
● Deputy Head Teacher
●Teaching Assistant
●Supporting Teaching Staff
●Form Teacher
●Head of Key Stage
●Learning mentor
•Welfare Occupational Office
•Physiotherapist/Occupational therapist
•Speech and Language therapist
•Midday assistant/ supervisors
•Educational psychologist

Q3- What are the roles and responsibilities of the key individuals that work in a school, e.g. SENCO, teachers and support staff?
ANSWER-     Following are the roles and responsibilities of the key individuals that work in a school:
SENCO-   They work for the special educational need children in schools .They work with parents and otherprofessionals .They monitor and review the special needs of the pupils and keep their records up to date.

TEACHERS- They are responsible to plan and prepare the task of the class. In some schools they teach the whole National Curriculum, mostly in primary schools.But, in some schools they have to be Form Teacher. They are subject specialists also in Secondary School.

SUPPORT STAFF-   The support staffs are individuals who help the other key workers of the schools and help the other individuals who also work in the schools like the staff that help breakfast club, afterschool clubs, and midday supervisors, catering staff, caretaker, site managers, parent support workers, specialist and technicians.

SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM- The team or the groups of peoples who manage the schools are the Senior Management Team, including Head, the more experienced staff, Head of years and...