Roles and Responsibiltes in Lifelong Learning

Roles and responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning-008

There are a lot of laws that are in place that will affect a teacher in their day-to-day duties. While every organisation has their own individual polices and procedures, there are acts and rules that are governed nationwide which they must abide by.

Equality Act: 2010
This act has replaced old discrimination acts, that all had individual acts but is now covered under one umbrella. This act is to treat all people fairly, but not the same as its based on individual circumstances. It protects the following characterists, Age, Disability, Gender reassignment, Race, Religion or Belief, Sex and Sexual orientation.

Health and Safety at work act: 1974
An act that makes provision for securing the health, safety and welfare of persons at work, for protecting others against risks to health or safety in connection with the activities Making sure that fire exits signs and evacuation rules are explained. It is the duty of every employee while at work to take reasonable care for the health and safety of himself and others who may be affected by his act or omissions at work.

Special Educational Needs and Disability act: 2001
This act focuses on the rights of learners with special needs. It covers any type of disability. The educational institute must make reasonable adjustment to meet the needs of learners with special needs. It also places an obligation on institute to cater for those with learning difficulties or disability.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Group act: 2006
An act that bars certain individuals from working with children and vulnerable adults. It ensures that those working with children and/or vulnerable adults go through a vetting process. The act lists those that are barred.

The roles and responsibility of the teacher is a complex one. We are in charge of making sure our learners gain their qualifications in a manner, which is favourable to their own needs and of the awarding...