Roles and Responsibilities

As a teacher there are so many roles and responsibilities I would have to adhere to as I embark on making and sustaining trusting and supportive relationships with my learners. Some of the general legislations and codes of practice as a teacher I will have to follow are;

• Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) this places general duties on the people in control of the premises to protect the health and safety and welfare of all people on those premises. To implement this into my work I would need to ensure I know where all emergency equipment and exits are in the case of any danger.
• Equality Act (2010) protects learners from discrimination with regards to their race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, parentage, transsexual, age or status. I would have to treat each learner equally and ensure that I stop any discrimination from occuring in my classroom.
• Data protection Act (1998) this act protects the rights and privacy of individuals for instance all personal information of learners should be held securely and all students have the right to know the information that is being held. To apply this into my teaching, I need to be sure that any information I provide a student is correct and not altered or false..

With all this in mind the role of a teacher has certain boundaries, a point where the teaching role ends and the roles of other professions begin, for example, if a learner approached myself with a confession that they are having problems at home, e.g. they are being abused, the teaching role then ends and I would have the responsibility to pass this information on to the organisations Safeguarding Officer who will then take the situation further whilst respecting the wishes and needs of the learner.