Roles and Responsibilities

Roles, responsibilities and boundaries.
The role of a teacher in today‚Äôs world is a complex and diverse one. The main purpose of the teacher   is to create stimulating, effective   opportunities for learning and achieving their maximum potential through high quality teaching. It is necessary   to create a safe and healthy learning environment where learners are able to work at their individual pace. It is important to create good relationships with the learners, work with them and help them, treat them with respect and teach them to treat others with respect. Initial assessment is done to establish the current learning levels and their goals. This is important in order to plan their teaching, it will also allow the teacher to pinpoint any student who may need   additional support through one to one support and extra tutorials. It is important that the   needs of the learners is taken into account.
Planning and preparation are everything. Lessons need to be planned in advance, do research, find and prepare materials. Appropriate schemes of work must be completed and followed ensuring aims and objectives are met. Targets need to be set as these enhance learning.   By using different types of learning a teacher   will cover all the specific needs   of the learners. This gives all the learners an equal chance to become involved.
Continual assessment through the course is necessary. This will allow the learner to re-evaluate their own development. You must decide what you want to achieve and plan, deliver your lesson accordingly .A good practise of teaching means a repeated cycle of preparation, teaching and review. At the end of the session you must re evaluate the lesson with the learners. This is vital to look at the aims and see if progress is being made.Keep records of lesson plans, assessment, attendance etc
In order to fulfil my position as   ,Food Hygiene Trainer I have to have an understanding of the roles and responsibilities that are essential   elements of...