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The Weight Loss Grail
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Introduction How to absorb the information in this manual faster Simple stuff most people don't "get" Meal Frequency and Basic Nutrition

Introduction: Thank you very much for purchasing this eBook. You just made one of the smartest moves in your life. Weight problems have reached epidemic proportions in our society. Unfortunately, most people will not do anything about it. Just the fact that you decided to learn how to fight back puts you light years ahead of the rest of the population. Now all you need to do is read this manual and DO what it says. Remember: Knowledge is not power. Applied knowledge is power. Don't just read this manual and then let it collect "digital dust". Before we get into the specific questions and answers, I'd like to say a few things you need to keep in mind. That way, I will not have to repeat them every time below... I'm against saying something with 1000 words when 10 will do. This is a "do this, do that" manual - not an encyclopaedia with 700 pages that you won't even read or that will confuse you even more. However, sometimes I WILL get repetitive and sound like a broken record on purpose....