Roles and Responsibilities

Unit One – Roles and Responsibilities

For the purposes of this assignment, I am concentrating on my experience of working with Tutors in the Life Long Learning Sector, specifically in a Learndirect setting.

At Learndirect the role of Tutor is about delivering the required courses within the given timeframes through self paced learning or tutor led groups.

In self paced learning the “personal tutor” is responsible for ensuring the learners are guided through their programme of learning whilst adhering to the guidelines set out by the company and the funding bodies.   Personal tutors monitor progress throughout their learning journey with on line testing and three weekly reviews.   All reviews are documented in a learner record, auditable by both the Company and external auditors from Learndirect and the funding bodies.   When examinations are due the tutor will book a time and date under exam conditions set by the examining bodies.   These exams are submitted electronically and the results are determined by the examining bodies.

The tutor is responsible for ensuring all learners receive the syllabus   sometimes adapting the delivery in order to meet the needs of every learner. The tutor will deliver the programme as set out by the company in the specification.

The Learner journey starts with a referral from an outside agency such as DWP or a Work Programme Provider.   The referral agency will book the initial IAG session / induction with the Centre directly, after the initial IAG the centre will report back on progress as required by each agency.

The IAG session consists of an initial group session with a Tutor and Tutor led access to on line diagnostics.   Sometimes learners arrive with key support in place and others arrive with little or no support.   The tutor leading the initial session must identify if there are any other aids / needs a learner needs to be successful.   The diagnostics will determine a staring point in ICT/Maths and English.   The...