Roles and Responsibilities of the Teacher and the Boundaries of That Role

Roles and Responsibilities of the Teacher and the Boundaries of that Role.

This assignment will endeavour to clarify the changing and ever emerging roles of a teacher within the lifelong learning sector. It will look into the external factors that have that have helped to shape this change along with the varying responsibilities that teachers today now face. It will also discuss the clear and defined boundaries that a teacher within the 21st century now contends with and how these have developed to enhance a safer more secure environment in which leaners are able and encouraged to reach their full potential.
The approach to technique training in both dance and music reflects the educational models of previous centuries in which the teacher was an experienced professional and the student an apprentice, learning at the feet of the master. Traditionally, dance has been taught from this hierarchical, teacher centred perspective. (Lakes R)
Dance was not alone in its approach to the role of the traditional teacher. In all forms of subjects the traditional teacher would stand at the front of the class and deliver the lesson. Student participation was neither approved nor encouraged and the emphasis remained on knowledge over understanding. A traditional teacher or master, as the role was often described, taught in the same way, repeating the work year after year, never varying the regime for each group of leaners. However, it can be agreed that while many exceptionally talented dancers emerged from this regime. ”Students trained in this model are generally motivated by their desire for external approval; they often become passive leaners who excel at following instructions but lack internal awareness and motivation.” (Daniels K).
The role of the teacher today in the 21st century is to create a safe environment where leaners are encouraged to develop and understand their skills. In this environment students can become active leaners engaged and responsible for...