Roles and Responsibilities of Teacher Trainers in an First Aid Providers Organization

• Orientation of a new staff into the organization.
The trainer will always indulge the new staff into the profession by creating an enabling environment by use of a handbook that will give details of what is expected of the new staff. He or she will give explanations and clarifications of the details that may seem difficult to understand for the new member.
• Educating
The trainer will impart skills, knowledge and information that have to do with giving first aid to the new staff. He or she will provide information regarding emergency aid; demonstrate how first aid should be carried out and how to use equipments. He or she will show the learner how to clean and maintain first aid equipments.
• Managing and maintaining records of course attendees
He will keep proper records showing the trainees participation in all classes planned. This will help in ensuring that all learners acquire all the basic skills by attending to those who may have missed before they start attending to patients.
• Offering Support
The teacher trainer will be primarily focused on teaching the learners not to be afraid of making a mistake and encourage them on the way to successful task completion. This will foster their skills and give the confidence to counter big challenges as they give first aids.
• Serving as a role model
The trainer will emphasize on the ethical issues and development of basic human values in the trainees. This will be brought out by his conduct, character and the way he reacts in various situations.
• Assessing the trainees
After the end of the training session, the trainer will evaluate on the skills learnt, use and maintenances of first aid equipments to see to it that learners will be reliable in the field. The trainees who have acquired the capabilities and met the criteria and standards of qualification will be sent to the field while those in need of more training will be given...