Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

Name: Funmi Oluwaseyi


Assignment One, Part B: Explain the importance of establishing ground rules and describe ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others..

Pupils differ when it comes to behaviour and respect to others also coming from different background, cultures and belief, therefore establish a ground rule will make a difference. Establishing a ground rule from start helps to eliminate problems. Atherton, J.S (2005) defines ground rules as “minimum necessary conditions required for getting learning work done in a class.
Misbehaviour in the Gym or classroom disrupts learning for all pupils and it is therefore important for me as the teacher to create an ethos or climate in the classroom that promote inclusively a respect for one another. The rules establish will apply to me as well as to the learners. I will then explain the consequences of not abiding to the rules.
The ground rules can be makeup by me or the pupils. The ground rules can be verbally, telling the pupils the appropriate behaviour in the classroom, the sport hall depending what am teaching at the time, sticks on the wall that can be accessible easily, handouts given to the pupils to study or slide, they can watch on the screen and posters on the wall so as to refer to them later, I will ask the pupils to make the posters. Talk with the learners what will happen if these ground rules are broken.
Happy face versus sad face, I do this by drawing a happy face on the board and a sad face and if a rule is broken names go on the sad face and good behaviour goes on the sad face, class contract book, with this I will document every behaviour in the contract book whereby I can refer to later, praise the positive, praise good work and behaviour when occur, do this by list names on the side of the board, star chart or smiley faces and at the end of the week, prizes are given out to the pupil who get the...